Detailed character history for Healslut, US-Frostmourne: loot history, guilds, build changes player rotation. I enjoy being a heal slut for my dom, hearing him degrade me on voice chat as I ride my dildo with a plug up my ass. Heal Slut. Net-juu no Susume.. I'm pretty much scarred for life from hearing HS PLS so many times. Never pick the support class if you enjoy.

Healslut - Tube Here

The phrase found its way onto the funnyjunk comments all over the website, mostly used when describing Mercy altogether. Think of it like a first date, except for a highly specific digital fetish. Honorary Combat Engineer's Silk Trousers. An incredibly beautiful girl that heals people? To be fair, a lot of FF14 healer problems come from the game being heavily stacked with DoW gear vs All Class gear and most people don't know you can just buy gear from the markets, Grand Company, or the grind out the Tonberry King drops at level healslut